Neobux guide - A simple way to earn money

About neobux

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Neobux is a ptc site(paid to click) started in 2007, paying instantly last 7 years. Basically, if you are a member of it, you will earn money by clicking ads. It also has other ways to make money freely which is completing offers like coin offers, point offers, neojobs, clicking adprizes and referring others. In neobux there are two kinds of referral . One is direct referral and another is rented referrals.

Point offers - These offers are very simple to complete like downloading a software or installing an app. Here, if you complete an offer, then you will earn neopoints which can be used only managing your rented referrals. like (renewing or recycling). Point can not be converted into cash.

Coin offers - coin offers are like watching videos, completing short surveys. Here if you complete a survey you will earn neocoins. which can be converted into cash. If you earn 5000 neocoins then it will be converted into $5.

Mini jobs - mini jobs are some tasks provided by crowdflower will be completed by some instructions. You have to follow the instruction by crowdflower before you take every step to complete the tasks. Here you can earn directly cash to your account if you successfully complete a task.

Adprizes - If you click one ad in neobux you may be earned 0.001$ and 3 adprizes. If you click adprizes you may have chances to win upto $50 or a golden membership which cost $90 for one year.

 Earn money from neobux referral program - Neobux has two kinds of referral one is direct referral and another is rental referral program. If you joined any ptc sites then you will get your unique referral link, if anybody joined by clicking your referral link, then they will be your direct referrals. when they earn money by clicking ads or completing offers then you will get some percentage of their income as commissions.

But for rental referral, they are the unreferred members that means those are the members joined without clicking anybody’s referral link. so, by the way Neobux rent those un referred members.  If anybody wants to earn money through its rental referral program they have to pay certain amount money for the certain period.

 why people rent referrals? 

Renting referral is an optional thing. People rent referrals to increase their income. But it needs the initial investment and well management in order to get profit. Without knowing how rented referrals work, you should not go for renting. There is a forum in neobux where people discuss about their personal strategy and success stories, You can read those strategy if you planned for renting in future.

How to receive payment?

You will receive money through PayPal or Payza once you reach the payment threshold. Paypal and payza are the common payment processor for all ptc sites.

Neobux sign up process

Now if you want to earn money from neobux, then you must have to register your name and verify your account . Follow the step by step guide below .

  1. clicking the banner below.
  2. type your information details in respected fields
  3. if you do not have an account in payza or paypal then type any email you have. later you can open and update in neobux while withdrawing your payment.
  4. Once you finish the registration, just check your email and copy the code then paste it in neobux email verification box and verify your email.
  5. Next log in to your neobux and earn money as I have described above. or watch this video below.


Neobux tips

Here I will show you, how to increase your income with neobux
  1.  Install neobux Adalert. It will be fixed in your browser and notify the new ads
  2. Find your server time to click the 4 orange ads in order to get referral commissions
  3. Copy your referral link to share with your friends and relatives to get direct referrals
  4. You can only refer others after being a member of atleast 15 days and clicked 100 ads. Before that if you refer anybody then they will not be your direct referrals.